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Volts: 12
Amps: 750mA
Banks: 12-Bank
Terminal type: Alligator Clips

Features of the PulseTech PRO-12-RP RediPulse MAINTAINER:

• Maintains as many as twelve 12-Volt lead-acid batteries
• Continuous low amp charge offsets a battery’s normal discharge rate
• Patented Pulse Technology reverses the naturally occurring process of
battery sulfation
• No sparking between battery leads
• Easy to use with PulseTech’s plug and play’ technology
• Audible alarm sounds if a battery is connected improperly
• LEDs show the condition of each battery
• Two-Year Limited Warranty

Model Name: PulseTech PRO-12-RP Battery Maintainer:
Model Number: PRO-12-RP / Part Number: 746X915

Electrical Characteristics:
Input Electrical:
Input Voltage: 100-240 V ac
Input Current: 140 mA Max
Input Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Min. Voltage for Startup: 11.5-Volts

Output Electrical:
Number of outputs: 12
Output Current: 750 mA
Output Voltage, Bulk Charge: 14.7V
Absorption to Float Charge Threshold: Battery Voltage = 14.2V Under Charge and Charge Current < 0.75 Amps DC
Desulfating Pulse Peak Amplitude: 250 mA Typical
Desulfating Pulse Frequency: 22kHz to 28kHz
Pulse Rate Time: < 1 microsecond

Mechanical/Physical Characteristics:
Dimensions: 7.25”L x 2.25”W x 1”H
Weight: 2lbs
Shipping Weight: 4.3lbs
Box-to-Clamps Wire Length: 72”

Operating Temperature: 0º F to 130 º F (-18º C to 54º C)
Storage Temperature: 0º F to 150 º F (-18 º C to 66 º C)

Safety and Compliance: CEC Compliant

Warranty: Two-Year Limited Warranty

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